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My son began in scouting at the age of 6, he thoroughly enjoyed the variety of activities offered within each section. Scouting is, without a doubt, the best value extra-curricular opportunity offered to young people. All the leaders offer their time and experience on a voluntary basis and are dedicated to providing a diverse and entertaining programme appropriate for the ages of the boys and girls in their section.

As a Sea Scout Group, the 31st is fortunate enough to have access to a range of water craft allowing the young people to practise their boating and kayaking skills throughout the year – these sessions were always a favourite with my son, and he hopes to continue with watersports in some form whilst at university.

Completing his Gold Scout Award and Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Awards helped to develop a whole range of skills (organisation, tolerance, teamwork, determination) and increased his confidence in both leadership and presentation. The advice, assistance, preparation and care offered by leaders during the planning of the expeditions was excellent.

I believe that many of the life skills gained in his 12 years of scouting have no doubt helped him cope with the rigours of both job and university interview processes – he can even skin and prepare a rabbit for cooking so I have no concerns that he will go hungry as a student!

I wholeheartedly thank the team at the 31st for the fantastic experiences he had whilst at the unit, he was very proud to receive his Red Ensign on leaving Explorers at 18 and it has pride of place in his new room in college at Cambridge.
Kate Thomson


Dear Explorer Leaders,
Thank you for all the support and time you’ve given to Sam over the last couple of years. From starting up Explorers, through its development, to becoming a successful group, you have been an inspiration to Sam. I know he has massively developed in:

• self-confidence,
• working as a team and taking group responsibility,
• learning how a team can generate plans and ideas, implement them and then review how successful they were

– and particularly in today’s climate of speed and self-gratification, discovering how important it is to put others first and ourselves second.
You’ve provided him with some great experiences (with lots of photos) that will last him a lifetime.

Thank you, and we wish you and your leaders continued success.
Alison Fowler


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